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Chapter 197 Enough With Your Nonsense

  • Andy’s expression turned dark in an instant. He was going to yell at Christopher, but he hesitated when he was suddenly reminded of Christopher’s temper and his bizarre ability to diagnose illnesses.
  • According to what he heard from Harold in the past, Christopher had diagnosed Harold just by listening to him speak. He figured that Christopher could also determine what illness his father had just by shaking his hand.
  • If Andy hadn’t heard of Harold’s account, he wouldn’t have ever believed that such a thing was possible. Since he knew, however, he believed that Christopher was speaking the truth. It was possible that Christopher had just cured his father’s illness.
  • If he provoked Christopher the way Harold did, then the outcome wouldn’t be ideal.
  • Taking a deep breath, Andy calmed himself down and asked courteously, “What are you doing, Chris?”
  • After clapping his hands, Christopher observed Kevin’s face closely again. Upon making sure that there was some improvement, he turned around and said in slight frustration, “I’m reviving your father’s desire for food. Didn’t I tell you already?”
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