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Chapter 195 A Competition for the Rainbow Scepter

  • Upon receiving Christopher’s call, the servant hurried to the kitchen. When he saw the white plate with the white cover on the table, he breathed a sigh of relief before carefully picking it up.
  • “Mr. Yard, if it’s done, then I’ll take it out,” the servant lowered his head and said to Christopher. After Christopher nodded, the servant brought the white plate out and headed in the direction of the villa’s hall.
  • Back in the hall of the villa, Christopher took another look at the people in his surroundings and found Kevin sitting on a chair in the middle. On his left was Andy, and on his right was Cyrus.
  • What made Christopher look twice was the girl next to Cyrus. She had curly blonde hair and was wearing a white princess dress, which gave off a hint of sexiness. There was a faint smile on her delicate and beautiful face, and her slender hands were placed behind her back. Her waist was obviously slim, and her pair of slender thighs could make people drool.
  • This girl seems to be on the same level as Samantha and Scarlett, Christopher thought subconsciously.
  • As if feeling his gaze on her, the girl with the curly blonde hair suddenly lifted her eyes and glanced at Christopher. A sly look appeared in her eyes, and the perfect curvature of her beautiful lips became all the more obvious.
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