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Chapter 194 Recovery Tracking Mirror

  • After Christopher was done handling the 10-second Instant Pot, he slowly picked up another pot, then he sliced and shredded the ingredients according to the normal method of making the Rainbow Scepter.
  • However, Christopher’s Knife Skills was only at the Intermediate Level at present. It was basically impossible for him to carve out a scepter; for him to be able to carve the shape of a normal snake was good enough. Hence, Christopher slowly began to move his knife.
  • Luke, who was next to him, saw Christopher’s actions and sneered inwardly, His Knife Skills is at the Intermediate Level at best, yet he wants to compare with me? My skills are at the Legend Level! How shameless!
  • Looking at what Christopher was doing, Luke was relieved, because he felt that Christopher had been completely eliminated as a potential opponent, and the other chefs thought the same too.
  • After Christopher finished carving, he saw that the sculpture he was holding looked nothing like a scepter, nor did it look like a snake. Pursing his lips, he threw it into the ordinary pot.
  • He then proceeded to place the cut ingredients into the pot, varying between one to two ingredients every minute. After about ten minutes, Christopher finished adding in all the ingredients.
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