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Chapter 193 Understanding Was One Thing, to Be Upset Was Another!

  • After following the Dune Family’s servant to the kitchen, Christopher was stunned by the way the kitchen looked.
  • A kitchen that’s almost 400 square meters? After roughly estimating the area of the kitchen, Christopher pursed his lips. Sure enough, he had underestimated Andy.
  • It seems like I should quickly get the 10 million. It’s quite dope to be able to cook in such a respectable kitchen.
  • Just as Christopher was feeling surprised, the servant explained the general situation of the cooking competition to him. After he listened, he nodded and indicated that he had no comments, then the servant excused himself.
  • Theoretically, he had 1 hour to cook in the kitchen. It didn’t matter if he couldn’t finish in 1 hour; he could work longer than that because this was to cure Kevin’s illness after all. It wasn’t just to compare whose food tasted better.
  • After the chef was done with the food, Christopher could call the servant over, then the latter would bring out the dish he prepared for Kevin to taste.
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