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Chapter 191 Meeting Luke Again

  • Although Andy had brought in so many doctors and chefs to increase the chances of his father’s recovery, deep down, he knew with absolute clarity that these doctors and chefs were most likely incapable of doing well.
  • Andy had gone to most of the best hospitals in Madrila, and he had already hired the best chef there was, but there wasn’t the slightest change. This time, he was just trying his luck with Christopher, so how was it possible to have a different outcome?
  • “Chris, I’ll be honest with you. My father used to be a chef as well, and he was even a five-star chef. But, ever since he lost the desire for food, he became depressed and couldn’t make good dishes.”
  • For some reason, Andy suddenly got emotional with Christopher.
  • Upon hearing this, Christopher was dumbfounded. Turns out Old Master Dune is a five-star chef. No wonder he looks down on most ordinary people. Doesn’t this make whatever that will happen next all the more interesting?
  • Christopher thought of something, and the corners of his lips curled up into a smile.
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