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Chapter 187 No Interest in Staying

  • Right after that, all of the chefs and doctors Andy had hired turned their heads to look at what was going on. Looks of astonishment flooded their faces immediately. Did he just defeat all of them? They saw five men lying on the ground, groaning and twitching as they clutched onto their arms. The agony they felt was evident from the expressions on their faces. These five men were the tall and burly bodyguards that Cyrus had just called over moments ago. They weren’t people that one would mess around with—the regular individual would have definitely gotten hurt if they tried to fight with those bodyguards! However, none of the guests had expected the young man—who didn’t look strong at all—to defeat all five of the bodyguards in one go. They couldn’t help but gasp in awe!
  • Meanwhile, at another end of the hall, Andy held onto a wine glass and sipped on his drink. A hint of amusement flickered across his gaze as he watched the scene that occurred between Christopher and Cyrus. “It seems like your information is right—this guy is really a good fighter. All five of those bodyguards have the strength to tackle up to 300 pounds, and I’m surprised that it only took him one attempt to defeat all the bodyguards.”
  • The person beside Andy nodded quietly before pouring more wine for Andy and himself. “Christopher isn’t just a regular man, President Dune. We’ve all witnessed his miraculous medical skills when he worked with Harold, so I’m more interested in looking at his cooking skills now.” The man talking to Andy was none other than Arthur, whom Christopher had invited over previously. Arthur’s gaze twinkled with a similar look of amusement, but he didn’t express what was going on in his mind at that moment.
  • “I’m looking forward to it as well. If Christopher can really get my father to regain his cravings for delicious food, then I don’t mind hiring Christopher for a high price.” Andy took another sip of his expensive wine before placing the glass down.
  • “Oh. I wonder what you meant when you said that you’d hire him for a high price, President Dune.” Arthur seemed rather surprised by the other man’s words. Even though they had known each other for years, it was the first time Arthur had heard that Andy was willing to pay a large amount to hire someone. From what I recall, one million means nothing to a man like President Dune. President Dune already spent two million just to hire Christopher, and he spent another three million to get Christopher to agree to Old Mr. Dune’s matters. Considering how much President Dune seems to value Christopher, I’m definitely interested in finding out what President Dune meant by a high price.
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