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Chapter 186 Meeting Cyrus Again

  • For the sake of his own safety, Christopher got himself a regular bag and placed the 10-second Instant Pot into it before he left the house. He didn’t want to end up in a situation where he had to explain how he pulled the pot out of his Interdimensional Cookware Storage Bag. The Interdimensional Cookware Storage Bag looked like nothing more than a tiny pouch, yet it was able to fit plenty of things within it. If someone else witnessed him pulling an entire black pot out of the bag, they would be shocked for the rest of their life.
  • After that, Christopher made his way into the Lamborghini while ignoring the peculiar looks he received from those around him. Jules and the rest of them looked especially puzzled by the fact that Christopher was carrying a pot into the car.
  • About ten minutes after Robin started up the Lamborghini, Christopher found himself in a space that had five houses circling one large house in the middle. The house in the middle was twice the height of the rest of the houses—it was about 170 feet tall. Once Robin got out of the car, he led Christopher directly toward the house in the middle.
  • “There are a total of six houses here. There should be quite a lot of people here, right?” Christopher couldn’t contain his curiosity.
  • “No. This place belongs to President Dune’s family, and it’s usually the few of them who are around. The rest of the five houses are empty.” Robin froze for a moment before he answered with a smile.
  • Christopher couldn’t stop his lips from twitching with annoyance after he heard what Robin said. This is what I’d call a rich person! I’ll have to find a way to get the 10 million from this guy today. He can give me some of his wealth since he’s so rich.
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