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Chapter 182 Are You Itching for Another Round of Beating Again?

  • Christopher had been the closest to John when John collapsed. With his brows furrowed, Christopher leaned over to take a good look at John. Following that, Christopher attempted to pry John’s eyelids open to check John’s pupils. He proceeded to press John’s cheeks and feel John’s throat before he nodded grimly. “He collapsed because he’s overly exhausted. It’s not a serious matter!” Christopher then quickly pulled out his needles to perform acupuncture for John.
  • Many of the patients frowned as they watched this happen. None of them had ever heard of an acupuncture treatment that was helpful for treating extreme fatigue, and they had never seen a doctor performing such an act. This young dean isn’t messing around, is he? The patients had all assumed that Christopher only managed to get his job in the hospital because of the connections he had, so they all eyed him with suspicious looks. He really shouldn’t mess around if he doesn’t know what he’s doing!
  • Even Bryan, who had seemed ghastly pale just moments ago, let out a quiet scoff. Hmph! He’s just a brat who entered the hospital through his connections. Is he trying to save lives now? Well, let’s see how he can fake his way out when he fails to help John! Bryan assumed that Christopher was simply putting on an act of helping someone out, and he thought that the actual doctors would show up to bring John away soon. By that time, Christopher would’ve successfully portrayed his image as a kind and compassionate dean. Bryan had seen such tactics a number of times—even he himself pulled such tricks every now and then. At that moment, Bryan fixed his cold gaze upon Christopher and waited for the real doctors to show up.
  • On the other hand, Christopher had already familiarized himself with the acupuncture techniques, so he showed no hesitation with his actions. All of the needles were firmly inserted into John’s skin within a matter of minutes. Then, all Christopher had to do was observe John’s skin tone and expression to decide when to remove the needles. “He’ll wake up in three minutes. Someone can call the doctor over now and make sure that Mr. Myers gets a good rest and takes his medication after this,” Christopher uttered in a calm voice while he removed the needles and kept them away.
  • However, the patients wore faces of disbelief and shook their heads when they heard Christopher’s claims. Why would we need such advanced medical tools if these needles are actually so great? Young men will always be young men—they speak and act in such an irresponsible manner. Despite having these thoughts, the patients were reluctant to voice them out. They were worried that Christopher, who seemed to have a horrible temper, would beat them up if they said anything. Christopher would probably have let out a dejected scoff if he actually knew what was going on in the patients’ minds. Although he often went up against evil and aggressive individuals, he didn’t look like one of them.
  • “I bet he isn’t going to wake up.” Bryan sneered. It’s happening exactly the way I predicted it to. Christopher just ordered for the doctors to come. I bet John isn’t going to wake up before the doctors arrive.
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