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Chapter 180 Are You Trying to Ruin Me?!

  • Meanwhile, Bryan tried to pull his phone out with his shaky limbs. He looked like he wanted to call someone, but both his hands were shaking too badly; he couldn’t even hold the phone up. Christopher was amused by the sight of this, and he let out a slight chuckle before he spoke. “Tell me who you’d like to call. I’ll help you to get that person over,” Christopher said. He was curious to find out who Bryan wanted to contact.
  • Bryan felt completely drowned by his shame and regret at that point. Why was I so fierce toward him earlier? I should have called someone over before teaching Christopher a lesson. Now, I’m never going to get my front teeth to look the same again. “Call the Director of Internal Medicine to come here now. You’re dead meat once he’s here!” For some reason, Bryan felt a surge of courage within him before he spoke. This courage was what drove him to speak his mind. Furthermore, the Director of Internal Medicine had received a good number of funds from Bryan in the past, so Bryan was certain that Christopher would be overpowered once the Director of Internal Medicine arrived.
  • The Director of Internal Medicine? Christopher understood that the neurology department was merely one of the departments that fell under internal medicine, so he quickly figured that the director had to be more powerful than Bryan. In other words, Bryan was nothing but a subordinate to the director he was asking for. A delighted smirk found its way onto Christopher’s lips. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure that you get to meet the Director of Internal Medicine.”
  • Bryan reacted to Christopher’s words with a look of disdain on his face. No one would be able to get the director to go anywhere if they didn’t provide the director with some benefits every now and then. Even the previous general manager of the hospital didn’t know about these things. This b*stard is now telling me that he’s going to call the director over. Isn’t that the biggest joke of the century? He’s dressed like a beggar, and it’s clear that he has no relationship with the director. I wouldn’t have provoked him if he looked like a rich man anyway. Bryan glared at Christopher as those thoughts crossed his mind. Just you wait, b*stard. You have no idea where you stand. How could you even suggest calling the director over? Only a child would utter such words! But I guess it’s no surprise since you’re all brawns and no brains.
  • A while later, a skinny man who looked like he was in his forties showed up in the neurological department. John wore a pair of glasses and a green shirt, and he looked somewhat flustered as he was looking left and right in search of something. Although John had asked Harold to briefly describe how Christopher looked earlier, John was still unable to identify Christopher in the crowd of people. “Can I know which one of you is the dean? Mr. Yard?”
  • Bryan was stunned to hear what John said. What? The only people here are the patients and the doctors, right? I’m the Head of the Neurological Department. There’s no one else who’s more qualified here! Well, of course, there’s also this man in his tattered clothes who looks like he’s completely disconnected from the world. Wait—could he be the new dean? Upon that thought, Bryan shook his head at the possibility of such a hilarious outcome. He couldn’t stop himself from snorting. How is that possible? All of the deans in hospitals are at least 40 years old. How did I even come up with such a comical thought?
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