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Chapter 18 Infinite Karmic Flame and the Kitchen God Descents

  • How could I still get the Scroll? Where are the promised exotic treasures? Could you be more of a douchebag? How is The Great Scrolls of Fire Skills Experience any different from the regular ones? I’m just going to gain a few more experience points. What’s the point?
  • His pleasant mood turned bad all of a sudden. What a scam! Christopher cursed and turned off his phone. But at that moment, another alert rang in his head.
  • ‘You earned 10,000 Fire Skills points from The Great Scrolls of Fire Skills Experience!’
  • Ding! ‘Congratulations on the level up for your Fire Skills, Host! You’ve upgraded from Practice Level to Beginner Level. You are 99,159 experience points away from the next level.’
  • What?
  • Upon hearing this, Christopher froze. He thought he had heard wrong.
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