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Chapter 178 Dare You Say That Again?

  • After Arthur left, Christopher decided to go check on the girl at Crest Hospital. However, his phone rang before he could leave for the hospital. He checked his phone only to realize that it was Scarlett who made the call.
  • He frowned, for she should be too preoccupied with looking after the girl to call him. Other than that, he was also frowning because he surmised that she would only call because they received unfair treatment at the hospital.
  • “Hello, Christopher. There is a long line at the hospital. The girl and I are waiting in line. I suppose we’ll need to wait for an hour before it’s our turn. I told them your name, but none of them seemed to know you. I don’t know who else to go to. Come quickly! I’m worried something might happen to the girl if you’re late.” Scarlett’s voice sounded anxious when it came through the phone, which brought a dark look to Christopher’s face.
  • Although he had given the girl acupuncture treatment, it could only ease her physical symptoms. The most pressing issue would be the condition of her brain. If something went wrong, she might suffer from dementia, or in the worst case scenario, lose her life altogether.
  • Therefore, Christopher immediately hailed a cab to hurry to Crest Hospital. As Scarlett told him, there were a lot of people. According to the administration procedures, patients had to register before paying for the fees. It would be followed by blood tests and a chest X-ray, which would be a hassle.
  • While other patients might have no problem with the procedures, the girl couldn’t afford to go through that. His emergency treatment could only suppress her symptoms for thirty minutes at most. After that, she would be in big trouble if she didn’t receive further treatment.
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