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Chapter 174 Till She Begs for My Mercy

  • Christopher managed to grab onto Crystal’s wrist when her palm was three centimeters away from Scarlett’s face. If he had arrived one second later, Scarlett’s face would be scratched. With that in mind, Christopher wore an angry look when he cast Crystal’s hand away. “Apologize now! Otherwise, I won’t go easy on you.”
  • On the other hand, Crystal was startled by Christopher’s sudden interference. However, her look of surprise was quickly replaced by a smirk and a look of disdain. “Who the f*ck are you? How dare you even touch me? Just with what you did, you won’t be able to leave this building! Kneel and apologize to me fifty times! I’ve had many experiences with this kind of situation. My mood might improve if you do that now! Tsk, do it any later, and you will have to leave the building kneeling!” Crystal opened her heavily lipsticked mouth to issue Christopher a threat.
  • The man beside Crystal had guessed their relationship the moment Christopher showed up. The thought of it brought a frown to his face, but it disappeared when he seemed to have thought of something. “Guys, please leave. As I said, I will definitely get the skirt for Crystal. Just give up. You won’t be able to buy it. Let me tell you one thing; this entire mall is mine. As soon as I give an order, you won’t be able to leave with anything but looks of pain on your face.” The man smirked as he gazed at Christopher mockingly.
  • “Who are you?” The man’s words piqued Christopher’s interest. Why would he claim that the mall is his when it belongs to Andy?
  • “My name is Cyrus Dune, and I am the heir to Dune Enterprise. Do you get it now? A few million is nothing to me. As I said, you can buy anything other than this skirt, while I will pay for everything. However, I will have to apologize in advance if you insist on being stubborn. Crystal’s wish will be my command, so you will leave this place in humiliation.” With that, a menacing expression appeared on Cyrus’ face; that look was one that was mixed with the look of greed and lust that was evident when he ogled at Scarlett.
  • None of the women whom Cyrus had his eyes on managed to escape from his clutches. No matter how beautiful they were, they ended up in his bed after he dealt with them. This woman will be the same, haha.
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