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Chapter 173 How Dare You Slap Her With the Likes of You?

  • Before Christopher managed to reach Scarlett, she habitually turned to study the skirt beside her. It was a black high waist skirt that was made of slightly translucent spun silk which was soft and comfortable to the touch.
  • Just when she was about to buy the skirt, an arrogant and disdainful voice reached her ears “Who are you? How dare you lay a finger on the skirt that I want to buy?” A seductively dressed woman smirked as she stared at Scarlett. Then, she swatted Scarlett’s hand away before blocking in front of the skirt while staring at Scarlett in contempt.
  • Scarlett froze for a moment before she exploded as she stomped her foot. “Who are you? I saw this skirt first! I don’t care! I am buying this!” With that, she scanned her surroundings, but Christopher was nowhere to be found. The realization left her feeling anxious.
  • “This is hilarious. There are things that you won’t be able to buy even if you have your eyes on it. Do you even know how much the skirt costs? A whopping fifty thousand! You aren’t wearing any branded goods, so I bet you’re poor. How dare you even think of buying this skirt when you don’t even have the money?” As the sexy woman drawled, a smirk crept onto her face while she pointed at the skirt. Her arrogance was even more evident on her face after she said that.
  • Are you kidding me? I, Crystal Clark, will definitely get my hands on the item that I want. Who would dare to compete with me? Although I don’t have much money, my man has. Already familiar with such a situation, Crystal felt no pressure at all.
  • There were foolish women who used to try to fight with her over clothes, only to burst into tears after she slapped them. Even though they wanted to retaliate, they dared not even utter a word after knowing who the man beside her was.
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