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Chapter 172 Platinum VIP Card

  • Christopher smacked his lips. With Andy’s friendly attitude and the alluring terms that he set, he saw no reason to turn down the offer. More importantly, it wasn’t a mere transaction. Andy would owe Christopher a huge favor if he delivered results. The favor Andy owed him would be beneficial toward the restaurant’s development.
  • “President Dune, I can try, but I can’t promise the results,” Christopher said with a faint nod.
  • “Sure!” Upon hearing that, Andy exclaimed with a satisfied smile on his face. Then, out of habit, he lifted a wine glass that held expensive wine beside him. Christopher also lifted an empty glass beside him, and the waiter immediately poured him some wine. Out of courtesy, Christopher lifted the glass of wine at Andy and took a sip of it.
  • Meanwhile, Scarlett was buzzing with excitement upon hearing their conversation. She had been coveting the food on the table. Because she had never had them, she was determined to enjoy the feast. Christopher merely shook his head upon noticing Scarlett’s excitement. After they had their meal, Christopher no longer had a reason to stay. Just when he was about to leave, he was surprised to see Andy handing him the Platinum VIP card.
  • “Chris, I made it a point to be sincere during dealings. Here, consider this Platinum VIP card as a gift for you during our first meeting. There’s two million in the card, which you can spend in the shops I own. If you have any complaints, you can call the number on the card. The owner of the number will be in charge of handling your requests.” Andy smiled as he handed the card over to Christopher alongside a delicate piece of paper.
  • A Platinum VIP card boasted of most benefits, and was also representative of the cardholder’s status as the most prestigious of customers. Despite Christopher’s bewilderment, a smile bloomed on his face soon after. It was in Andy’s character to act swiftly. With his capabilities, he could easily find Christopher if Christopher ever went back on his word. That should be the true reason he offered Christopher the card.
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