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Chapter 170 Swift Action

  • Upon hearing that, Christopher had an odd look on his face while staring at Harold. With a pout, he declined, “I’m too busy.”
  • Harold quickly waved his hand to dismiss his concern. “It’s alright, Divine Doctor Yard. You don’t have to do anything. As long as you’re willing to take on the position, you’ll be paid a salary, and you’ll be able to use all of the facilities in the hospital as you wish. Free of charge.”
  • All the while, Harold was smiling apologetically. He had his own agenda by bringing that up. Because he owned the hospital, he could earn a lot. Therefore, he didn’t care if he had to pay Christopher a salary or supply him with resources in the hospital.
  • All he cared for was Christopher’s medical skills. As long as Christopher was willing to accept the offer, he could easily have Christopher treat his illness, which was a life or death matter. No other big shots would be able to hire him.
  • After all, one could only enjoy life if one lived. Without life, everything else would be meaningless. It was also why he was willing to eat those disgusting things—for the sake of prolonging his lifespan. Besides, Christopher was indeed qualified to hold the position. No doctor who he hired in the hospital was able to treat him, but Christopher managed to do that. That was enough to distinguish him from the rest of the doctors.
  • Meanwhile, Scarlett and Madilyn exchanged glances with an odd look in their eyes. However, neither commented on what had transpired despite their curiosity regarding the reason behind Harold’s treatment of Christopher.
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