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Chapter 169 What Do You Think?

  • Upon hearing what Cameron said, Christopher looked down on him even more. Then, he checked on Harold, who was standing behind him. There was an extremely morose look on Harold’s face when he heard Cameron’s words. After taking a deep breath, he slowly stepped out from behind Christopher to question aloofly, “I’m that scumbag. What’s wrong with that?”
  • As soon as Cameron heard someone respond to him, he instinctively turned in the direction of the speaker to hurl insults at him. “You f*cking—” Yet, he choked on his words halfway through. Unable to say anything else, he stared at Harold in bewilderment, his face drained of color as he trembled.
  • “What’s the matter, Cameron? Deal with him! That b*stard had the audacity—” Having never seen Cameron in such a state, the nurse shook him.
  • “I’ll kill you!” Before she even finished her sentence, Cameron gave her a slap that was even harder than the one Harold gave her, so much so that she was bleeding. Aside from Christopher and his companions, the rest of the occupants in the room were stunned by the fact that Cameron slapped the nurse instead of siding with her even though he had always doted on her.
  • As the only one who knew how grave the situation was, Cameron didn’t care about what happened to the nurse at all. After slapping her, he knelt on the ground by the next instant. “Mr. Myers, I’m sorry. I know I made a mistake. I embezzled the company’s funds and kept a mistress. I am being overbearing, unfair, and cruel. I’m also at fault for allowing the woman to do as she pleased in the hospital. Mr. Myers, please give me a second chance. I will turn over a new leaf, and I won’t disappoint you! Please give me a second chance to prove myself!” Tears streamed down Cameron’s face as his heart was filled with regret. After all, he already cursed at Harold, who, judging from his personality, wouldn’t let things slide.
  • “That’s enough. Return all the money you embezzled. And step down from your position after making a list of the corrupted individuals in the hospital. If you can do all that, I won’t take legal action against you. But if I catch you hiding anything from me, you know what the outcome will be!” Harold demanded aloofly. Even if the nurse didn’t offend Christopher, he wouldn’t tolerate someone like Cameron in the hospital, for someone like him would only further tarnish the hospital’s reputation.
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