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Chapter 167 The Nurse Who Smirked

  • Harold’s expression changed drastically when he heard that despite how excited and joyous he was before. If it wasn’t for Christopher’s presence, he would have put on a glum look. “Those b*stards… Don’t you worry, Divine Doctor Yard. I will make sure to give you a satisfactory answer.”
  • Still standing beside them, Scarlett was already taken aback by the scene. Therefore, she was absolutely dumbfounded when she found out that the owner of the Aston Martin treated Christopher so politely. She wasn’t expecting to witness such a shocking scene. What has he done lately? How did he come to know so many prestigious people?
  • “Bring us there. I want to see what the doctors over there are capable of.” Christopher smiled. Without waiting for Harold’s reply, he had Madilyn and Scarlett get into his Ferrari. When the two women sat down beside each other, they somehow exchanged hostile glances with one another. Scarlett huffed without a word, while Madilyn cautiously checked on Christopher silently.
  • Harold wiped the cold sweat off his forehead while mentally cursing the hospital’s general manager. The hospital charged three million for an operation on the leg. If it’s a cardiovascular surgery, wouldn’t it cost ten million?
  • The thought of it made Harold feel uneasy. He wondered if Christopher would just fly into a rage and take Madilyn with him if he came to know that the hospital would charge such an expensive price for the operation. If that happened, he wouldn’t even know how to react.
  • In response to that, he smiled awkwardly at Christopher before climbing into his car to speed to Crest Hospital. Christopher followed behind him closely. Soon, they arrived at the hospital. As soon as one laid eyes on the hospital, one could see the name plated in gold, which reflected a brilliant light into Christopher’s eyes.
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