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Chapter 164 Our Boss Is Here

  • After the ruckus was resolved, everyone else let out a sigh of relief and they looked at Christopher with more respect and fear. They secretly thought, This young man has connections! It is no surprise that no one dares to lay a finger on him.
  • By that point, many of them had learned that the most influential person in The Serenade was not Luna Sears, but rather, her sous-chef named Christopher Yard. Even Director Reed of the police branch in the southwest region had to show him some respect.
  • Luna’s bright eyes were smiling and her lashes fluttered as she glanced at Christopher as though she was trying to read him.
  • Beside them was Scarlett, who stared at him with a gaping mouth and she reached out to give him an encouraging pat on the shoulder. “Wow! I didn’t know that you’re that influential! How did you get to know the director of the police branch in the southwest region?”
  • He shrugged without a care in the world and looked at the two lovely ladies in front of him before he simply replied, “We became acquainted through a random encounter.”
  • He was not lying—he was able to know Jefferey Reed through a random encounter. In fact, it was Jefferey who begged to befriend him and Christopher reluctantly agreed to Jefferey’s request upon seeing his sincerity.
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