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Chapter 163 What the Hell!

  • “What did you just say? The f*cking Serenade? What the hell! Tell him to wait there and don’t make a move! If he dares to do anything stupid, I’ll whallop him with my bare hands!”
  • Jefferey’s heart furiously leaped at Serene’s words. He almost stopped breathing there and then and his face even went a few tones paler. That b*stard Neil, he better not cause any serious trouble! The Serenade is where Christopher usually works. Neil can provoke anyone he wants in the world, except for Christopher himself! I heard Christopher hangs around Director Turner these days and Director Turner even personally welcomed him. This is concrete proof that Director Turner is on exceptionally good terms with Christopher. If Neil causes trouble at The Serenade, I will be stripped of my position in no time!
  • At that thought, he inhaled deeply and did not dare to hesitate. He immediately asked someone to drive a vacant police car at the police station and take him to The Serenade as fast as possible.
  • When he arrived at the scene, he immediately alighted from the car and the first thing he heard was Neil’s angry curses. He looked and saw Neil delivering kicks at the people who were criticizing him.
  • Upon catching sight of this, Jefferey felt his heart collapse. His whole body trembled before he quickly scanned the crowd for a certain figure. When he saw Christopher, who was standing at the side, Jefferey wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead and hastily ran over.
  • “M-Mr. Christopher, I’m here. I hope that no losses were incurred?” Jefferey asked in fear; he was worried that Christopher would ask him to pay millions as compensation. Even if he sold himself, it still wouldn’t suffice.
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