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Chapter 162 Leave It to Me!

  • A black Maserati suddenly appeared at the spot where the line usually formed in front of The Serenade. After having lost much of their space to stand on, those in the line were criticizing the owner of the Maserati.
  • However, Neil Strider, the owner of the Maserati, responded viciously. It was apparent that he couldn’t care less about the people around him. He ignored the criticisms and proceeded to spew some curses himself; he even started to throw punches and pushed many of those people in the line away.
  • “You bunch of trash should look at yourselves in the mirror. This Maserati GT of mine cost more than 2 million; you can never hope to compare with it. You have no money, yet you dare to come to buy the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup? Only rich people can afford that soup! Get lost, you pile of trash! Don’t get in my way of buying the soup! And you dare to criticize me? Don’t you know who I am? My cousin is the chief of the police branch in the Southwest District! If you don’t scramble out of my way right now, I’ll get my cousin to throw you all in jail!”
  • Neil kicked more people beside him away and he even spat on the ground. The enraged crowd had moved to beat him up, but they hesitated when he mentioned the chief of the police branch in the Southwest District.
  • Everyone knew that if they accidentally provoked the wrong kind of people, they would be sent to jail. If and when that happened, they would have to experience rough treatment or even terrible pain.
  • Christopher frowned at Neil’s behavior. There was a regulation at The Serenade which states that if one were rich enough, they could join the auction in the Imperial Room. Here, even if the rich waited in line, they wouldn’t be able to obtain the complete form of the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup.
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