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Chapter 161 The Art of the Knife

  • Christopher wasn’t worried much about the Thumbs-Up points because he guessed that he would be notified of the points that he earned for saving Harold after Harold drank the medicine. Instead, he went straight to The Serenade.
  • After handling matters at The Serenade for the afternoon, Christopher found that the voice from the system in his mind continued to sound and upon further observation, he realized that it was because his total Thumbs-Up points had reached the 90,000 milestone.
  • He didn’t hesitate to make another serving of the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup for himself after silently praising the dish for raking in a large amount of Thumbs-Up points. Then, he proceeded to down the soup under the envious stares of the chefs around him.
  • A surge of warmth circulated throughout his body in a matter of minutes. Then, he could feel an invisible change happening to the lower half of his body, which made him feel refreshed.
  • Christopher soon headed out to purchase another blue Ferrari. Showered with smiles from the manager and assistants at the Ferrari store, Christopher drove his newly bought vehicle out of the store and headed straight for Samantha’s home.
  • He had no complaints about losing two Ferrari 458s that cost 4.88 million each since he had earned 100 million and 10 million at two different times.
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