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Chapter 160 Exhaustion Disease

  • While administering the acupuncture, Christopher couldn’t avoid seeing Hilda’s chest. He figured her assets couldn’t be much smaller than Samantha’s. He gulped and struggled to avert his gaze while proceeding with his work.
  • He suddenly heard a muffled moan from Hilda, so he looked and saw that her long eyelashes were quivering and there was a faint blush on her face. He immediately realized that she hadn’t slept for the whole day, which was why she didn’t open her eyes.
  • Christopher didn’t want to mention it either. After he was done with the acupuncture, he swiftly helped to put on her clothes and gave a helpless laugh. He had administered acupuncture twice and also learnt how to clothe girls in the process.
  • Harold finally returned after a long while. There were beads of sweat on his forehead and face as he held a few packets of traditional medicine in his hands. Christopher gave it a quick glance and judging by the amount, he guessed that there were about 3 servings.
  • Coincidentally, 3 servings of that medicine was what Hilda needed to completely recover. Knowing that, Christopher immediately took the medicine from Harold, who gave a bitter smile.
  • Christopher proceeded to prepare the medicine himself in order to avoid any mishaps. 2 hours later, the first serving was ready for consumption, so he took the medicine to her for her to drink.
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