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Chapter 158 Miracle Cleaning Machine

  • “Hey, boss. I’m almost done with the furniture arrangement for the Thumbs-Up Hotel,” Madilyn reported with a sweet smile.
  • “Looks like I made the right decision to hire you,” Christopher said approvingly as he walked into the building and saw that the interior was indeed close to being completely restored. What a sight for sore eyes, he thought with mild relief.
  • The day ended on a quiet note and he went to settle the matter at the Serenade the following morning. However, when he returned to the Thumbs-Up Hotel, he noticed that there was a considerable crowd that had amassed in the vicinity.
  • “Mr. Yard, these are some of my acquaintances and they’d like to try out the Handsomeness Stew and the Beauty Soup after they saw how much my appearance has changed,” Jules explained with a dazzling smile. Prior to this, he had obtained his name from Madilyn.
  • “That’s right, sir! I’ve brought a few of my friends with me as well and they all think I look ten years younger after I’ve had the soup!” Frances piped up enthusiastically as she nodded from where she stood behind Jules.
  • Upon hearing this, Christopher glanced at the crowd that was waiting eagerly by the sidelines. There were about thirty persons in the vicinity and they all seemed to know who he was as they stood quietly in line, not wanting to burst into an uproar despite their excitement.
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