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Chapter 157 The Syndicate

  • The middle-aged man was in tears; he was clearly aggrieved as he wrapped his dirty hand around the older man’s injured leg to inspect it. A horrified look registered on his face when he saw how much blood there was.
  • “I’m so sorry to put you through this, Dad! This is all my fault! A worthless son such as myself would be better off dead!” he cried out in anguish. Then, he began to repeatedly smack his forehead against the tarmac and soon, there were abrasions on his skin.
  • The man’s agonized cries and wails drew the attention of passers-by, who glanced at the taxi driver and the woeful father and son at the scene before leaping to their own conclusions. Within a matter of seconds, they burst into an uproar and admonished the hapless taxi driver.
  • “How could you be so reckless when you drive a taxi for a living? You bumped into the old man, didn’t you? Look at the blood on his leg! Have you no conscience?”
  • At this moment, someone snapped at Christopher and accused, “And don’t think you have nothing to do with this, young man! You probably asked the driver to speed up along the road, didn’t you? As far as I’m concerned, the both of you are the ones at fault here, so don’t even try to come up with an excuse for it!”
  • “That’s right—the both of you are at fault, so you ought to offer compensation for the poor old man. Five hundred thousand ought to cover the medical expenses. You know, the both of you will end up in prison if the old man dies because of his injuries.”
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