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Chapter 155 A Heavy Price to Pay

  • In the time that it took for Christopher and Noah to make their way into the house, Harold had increased his guard after learning of Christopher’s identity. Christopher, on the other hand, found himself on the receiving end of a less-than-warm welcome.
  • Before Harold came out to greet them, Christopher saw that someone had served three cups of tea, one of which was placed in front of what was presumably Harold’s seat, which meant the remaining cups were meant for Noah and himself.
  • Christopher took the cup that was set down before him and briefly sniffed the tea, noting the plain aroma that indicated the tea was of common quality. However, Noah was served with the finest Darjeeling, which happened to be the same type in Harold’s cup.
  • With a scoff, Christopher sipped his commoner’s tea impassively and waited patiently for Harold to greet them.
  • Meanwhile, Harold knew precisely what the two men were doing here, given that Noah had called him up earlier and asked about the Icarus Root. He tried to stall for as long as he could and he did not enter the living room until after Christopher and Noah were halfway through their tea.
  • “Well, if it isn’t Director Turner! I’m terribly sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve been feeling unwell recently and I was having a short round of treatment before this, hence the delay.”
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