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Chapter 154 Icarus Root

  • Christopher stared at the girl, whose face looked as pale as snow. From her pale skin tone, he could recall how she looked just the same when he first met her. However, her condition had since worsened.
  • At this moment, the girl, who was in a light yellow long dress, had her eyes shut tightly. Her long fluttering lashes on her doe eyes looked extremely mesmerizing, and her long beautiful legs were exposed right in front of Christopher.
  • Nevertheless, Christopher had no time to take note of that as this girl was none other than the girl that Chloe brought to him previously—Hilda Turner.
  • At the thought of that, an odd look appeared on his face. Looks like Noah has that kind of problem as well. How embarrassing is it to have his daughter take the lead for him?
  • After observing Hilda, Christopher noticed that her breath was weak. It seemed like she was in a way more critical condition than Mabel was.
  • Immediately, Christopher grabbed Hilda’s soft hand and placed his right hand on her pulse. Right then, he was shocked when he sensed her extremely weak pulses. If it weren't for the Wisdom of Herophilus and Hippocrates, he didn't think he would have been able to sense her pulses at all.
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