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Chapter 149 Pay Up After Licking!

  • At this moment, Christopher's phone suddenly vibrated. When he took the phone out to see, he found that Jules had transferred the 1 million to him. Smiling with satisfaction, he went into the kitchen.
  • Soon, Christopher came out from the kitchen. This time, he held a tray with two porcelain bowls on it. One of them contained Beauty Soup, while the other contained Instantly Handsome Pie. As the two different aromas intertwined and drifted across the place, Frances and Jules were so hungry for the food that they almost pounced on him.
  • Glancing at them, Christopher slowly put the bowls on the table. Holding in their excitement, Frances and Jules took a deep breath and hurriedly came in. Their eyes glowed as they stared at the bowls, and without a word, they began eating.
  • Jules ate wildly; he brought up the food and swallowed it completely in one go. Before his tongue could register the taste, the food had disappeared. Staring at the empty bowl in a daze, he was suddenly regretful. Why was I in such a hurry? Looking at the bits of pie left in the bowl, he suddenly grinned, and like Frances, he immediately licked the bowl without caring about his image.
  • Jules' followers looked at him with dumbfounded gazes. Was it really that delicious?
  • "Both of you, pay up when you're done licking!" Christopher felt amused, but he still maintained an indifferent look on his face and waved at the two people. With an awkward smile, the two took out their phones and transferred 2,000 into Christopher's account quickly. After paying, Frances and Jules hurriedly ran to the mirror. Frances was surprised to find that some of the wrinkles on her face had disappeared after drinking the soup, and she was now a little younger again. Seeing the obvious effect of the Beauty Soup, Frances wished very badly to hug and kiss Christopher and then offer herself to him so as to plead him to give her another bowl of soup. As for Jules, he was ecstatic as well because he found that the mole on his face had magically diminished, and his face shape had also become a little thinner. In fact, he looked significantly more handsome than before.
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