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Chapter 146 No One Can Break the Rules Except for Me!

  • Christopher put the porcelain bowl in his hand in front of Frances, and she immediately came up. Smelling the aroma in this Beauty Soup, she seemed to be intoxicated by it. Then, she closed her eyes and opened them only after a long time. In an instant, Frances hurriedly took the spoon and scooped some from the bowl. After blowing on it, she put the soup into her mouth.
  • In this instant, a lightning bolt shot past Frances' mind. The aroma almost made her instantly have the urge to bite her tongue, as it hit her tongue as strongly as a tidal wave. Then, she immediately scooped up the second mouthful of soup. This time Frances did not even blow on it and directly put the soup into her mouth. Originally, she thought that this soup would be boiling hot, but unexpectedly, the temperature was just right.
  • At that moment, she felt that her whole body and mind were in a wonderful realm, as they were wrapped in this wonderful flavor. Right now, her body and mind had completely fallen into this Beauty Soup.
  • Next, under the shocked gazes of the crowd, she picked up the porcelain bowl and then put it to her mouth. Then, she quickly swallowed all the soup, completely disregarding her usual image. After finishing the soup in the bowl, her face still had that enchanted look, and she subconsciously stretched out her tongue and licked her lips. As if she felt that she had not tasted enough, she even licked the bowl.
  • Ding! “Congratulations to the Host for receiving absolute praise for Beauty Soup. The system will reward 500 Thumbs-Up points!” the system in Christopher’s mind told him, causing him to be startled and then joyful.
  • Can absolute praise obtain so many Thumbs-Up points?
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