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Chapter 145 The First Guest

  • However, Madilyn smiled and shook her head lightly before saying, "Thank you for your kindness, sir, but I have to work now, so I can't accept your invitation."
  • Pursing her lips, she thought she had seen many such young men in the past, and many of them had also accosted her. However, she had refused them all because one of her sisters had been toyed with by such men and ended up having a near-death experience. Thus, it was in her subconscious that she was uncomfortable with them.
  • "Work? Get me your boss. I'll talk to him!" Jules waved his hand unconcernedly, then stretched out his right hand with his thumb and index finger open, and the follower next to him hurriedly handed over a cigarette and lit it for him. When Madilyn heard the man's tone of voice, she frowned. She reckoned that with her boss' temper, the man in front of her would not be able to enter. Thinking of this, she did not hesitate to go in to find Christopher, after which he stood up without an expression, as if the youth in front of him could not make him angry.
  • Jules took a drag of his cigarette, then exhaled with his eyes closed in enjoyment. Looking at Christopher, who walked out of the restaurant, he arrogantly asked, "You are the boss here?"
  • Christopher did not answer but swept a glance at the man in front of him before speaking. "Leave now. The sign says that whoever that the boss dislikes is not allowed to enter regardless of the conditions!"
  • Hearing this, Jules stared at him in surprise and then opened his mouth and looked extremely amused. Shrugging, he said to the two followers next to him, "He actually called me, Jules Jameson, to leave! Hey, do you think your stupid store can be open for business for long?”
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