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Chapter 143 Found a Gem

  • “I have several years of experience as a waiter, and I am very familiar with this job, but I am asking for more than 5,000.” The woman had a smug look on her face when she stated her credentials. Christopher looked at the woman’s face, then asked in confusion, “How old are you?”
  • Then, the woman smiled, blushed, and then said in a somewhat low voice, “32.”
  • Shaking his head, Christopher felt that some principles mustn’t be neglected. “Sorry, I only recruit those under 30.”
  • “Hmph! It’s just 2 more years. You’re crazy for not recruiting me! Anyway, I’m not gonna join your shitty crew!”
  • Seeing that Christopher rejected her, the woman looked upset and immediately waved her hand, then left. Looking at the grumpy woman, Christopher wrapped his arms around himself. Not feeling the slightest regret, he quietly waited for the next waitress to arrive. Immediately after, another woman, who looked to be in her twenties, arrived. However, this woman did not look good and even had a lot of acne on her face. As soon as she arrived, she asked, “Good day, is the waitress position still open?”
  • Helpless, Christopher thought that her image was not very good, so while he was thinking about how to reject her in a friendly way, the woman suddenly pointed to a certain area in front of the store and screamed, “T-There are rats!”
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