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Chapter 142 Waitress Wanted

  • Brian looked stern hearing Wallace’s words. “Wallace, Christopher is my guest, but your nephew took advantage of your power and wanted to chase my guest away. He even cursed him. How do you think we should deal with him?”
  • Wallace broke out in a cold sweat when he perceived the coldness in Brian’s words. After all, Brian could cause him to lose his job with the snap of a finger.
  • “Deputy Director Hughes, I’ve failed to discipline him. Please give me a chance.” Wiping off his cold sweat, Wallace felt like there was something stuck in his throat and he could hardly spit a word.
  • Brian glanced at Christopher, who was standing beside him, and hummed coldly in response. It was as if he was telling Wallace to hurry up as he couldn’t be bothered to waste more time with him.
  • Slap!
  • Wallace nodded immediately and glared frigidly at Benny, who was standing beside. Then, he reached out his hand and slapped Benny fiercely on his face.
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