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Chapter 140 More Uses

  • This smell was simply fragrant and refreshing. In fact, it smelled even better than all of the previous Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup, and it ought to be the king of Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup.
  • Moreover, the color of the soup was vibrant. Without the slightest impurity, the soup swirled gently in the pot. With each movement, there was an enticing aroma emanating from it.
  • At that moment, the crowd swiftly looked at Christopher and thought the same thing. This pot is fantastic!
  • Christopher smiled faintly. “This pot was passed down from my ancestors. It’s said that the magical effects obtained from using it can only be achieved by the Yard Family.”
  • Upon hearing this, the crowd stared at him with doubtful eyes. Despite that, they had to believe him, considering that this pot did have a magical effect.
  • “But keep this confidential. This is The Serenade’s secret. If any of you expose this, I won’t go easy on you!” Christopher’s gaze swept through the chefs. His eyes barely contained the slightest hint of emotions.
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