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Chapter 139 10-second Instant Pot

  • Before Christopher got back, he transferred 2 million to his mom. After he came back, he checked the time and found out that it was exactly the time to go to work at The Serenade. After sending Samantha home, he finally arrived at the entrance of The Serenade in his Ferrari.
  • What surprised him was that The Serenade was still very crowded over the 3 days that he wasn’t around. He then parked his car at the parking lot before making his way to Luna’s office.
  • Patting his shirt tidy, he knocked on the door and got the usual ‘come in’ from Luna. The moment she realized that the person who came in didn’t speak, her hand that was writing had stopped its action before she looked up.
  • “You’re back?” A melodious voice came out from between the pair of petal-like lips. She then placed the pen she was holding down as a trace of joy crossed her face.
  • After saying that, she took a piece of paper before passing it to Christopher. “Take a look at this list.”
  • With a questioning look, he took over the paper before scanning through it. He then said in a surprised tone, “Someone’s spending 5 million to order Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup?”
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