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Chapter 136 Sir, Please Be Careful

  • While giving Christopher a disdainful look, Shawn sneered, “Stop saying nonsense. Of course I’m taking you in. Give me your hands!”
  • This time, Christopher did not get angered at all. Instead, he said with an amused look, “I’ll give you my hands, but it won’t be so easy when you want to remove the handcuffs later.”
  • “Ha! Who do you think you are? You think I’ll remove the handcuffs for you? Dream on!” Shawn scoffed at Christopher before putting on the handcuffs.
  • At this moment, Raymond and Gale, who were standing by the side, sneered as they witnessed Shawn putting the handcuffs on Christopher. He’d have to pay for his daring actions now!
  • Right before Shawn was about to make Christopher enter the police car, the latter suddenly stopped for a moment before saying, “Oh right, I have to tell my father something and make a call to someone important.”
  • After secretly giving a ‘no problem’ gesture to Raymond and Gale, Shawn snorted again. “Stop dilly-dallying. Hurry up.”
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