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Chapter 135 What a Good Exercise

  • Gale sneered at Christopher. “Christopher, don’t assume you can make money already just because you’ve lived away from the village for some time. I dare you to continue boasting!”
  • Christopher inhaled deeply and smiled at Gale. “Gale, if I’m able to take out the money, you should just smash your BMW. Don’t be such a loser!”
  • “Hah, you jerk! After coming back to the village, your outfits remain shabby and you don’t even have a car, yet you dare to boast in front of me. Fine! Not only will I smash my BMW, but I’ll even eat it up after smashing it, as long as you’re able to cough up 500,000!”
  • Looking disdainful, Gale crossed his arms and leaned against his BMW.
  • Then, Christopher looked at Justin, the village chief. “Mr. Smith, can I make an electronic transfer to you?”
  • Justin nodded immediately, looking excited. “You bet! That’s even better as it will save me a lot of trouble.”
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