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Chapter 133 Earn Thumbs-Up Points by Treating the Others

  • The villagers standing around were astounded to see the sudden improvement of the village head’s countenance and skin condition. Following that, all of them swarmed around Christopher and asked him to treat them.
  • Christopher’s facial muscles twitched when he saw the villagers who seemed to have lost their minds. D*mn it! I didn’t come home to treat you guys. I’m still waiting to go back and kiss Sammy!
  • Just as Christopher was feeling vexed, the machine in his brain made a sound again. “Ding! Congratulations to the Host for receiving 1,000 Thumbs-Up points as a result of treating the village head who managed the village affairs and healing him.”
  • D*mn it! Christopher clapped immediately and started beaming from ear to ear. How can I forget this? Treating patients will earn me Thumbs-Up points too! And I’m sure this would be a more efficient way of earning Thumbs-Up points!
  • “Hey, Christopher, the hen that I keep has just laid some eggs and they are still warm!”
  • “Mrs. Yard, I’ve just finished sewing this pair of pants. The quality is pretty good and it should look good on Christopher.”
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