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Chapter 130 Repositioning Bones

  • Mrs. Yard instantly let out a heavy breath the moment Christopher pulled the silver needles out, and the pain on her face also disappeared at the same time. A look of surprise suddenly showed on her face.
  • “Huh? I feel a lot better now. My body doesn’t ache as much either. Who did you learn this from, Christopher?” Mrs. Yard asked while smiling, having gotten up and tested her range of motion.
  • “I learned it myself. I can’t help the fact that I’m so talented,” Christopher answered while stroking his own ego. If he continued the treatment, his mother’s rheumatic arthritis would be healed in another two or three days.
  • Arthritis could only have its symptoms under control through medication, but treating its root cause was a herculean task. However, the method that Christopher had in mind was different; this was the fruit of Hippocrates and Herophilus’ work, the culmination of these two famed doctors’ legacy. After all, many lost ancient techniques were in Christopher’s head.
  • As long as his mother didn’t keep doing activities that might trigger her arthritis again, she would be fine.
  • Meanwhile, Mrs. Yard couldn’t stop herself from smacking Christopher’s head. “Since when did you like to brag so much, you little boy? Didn’t you say that you’re an amazing chef? Why aren’t you making dinner yet?”
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