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Chapter 129 Acupuncture

  • Samantha promptly felt incredibly embarrassed upon hearing that. Meanwhile, Christopher took a white t-shirt hanging off to the side and placed it in her hands. “Put this shirt on. It’ll go well with your jeans.
  • Having said that, Christopher immediately gave Samantha a kiss, making her head bow even lower. Then, he held Samantha’s face in his hands and kissed her with an evil smirk. The girl immediately let out a groan...
  • ......
  • A few minutes later, Christopher walked out with a shy, blushing Samantha. Since he had kept in mind that Mrs. Tonwsend could arrive anytime soon, Christopher reigned himself in for the time being. Once Samantha had seated herself, he then started the car.
  • Christopher’s home was quite a distance away from Brentwood City, and it was approximately 50 or 60 kilometers away. If he drove at a regular speed, he’d reach home in an hour or so.
  • They were nearly home when Christopher realized the traffic on the street they were at had stopped, and they couldn’t drive down the road next to them either.
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