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Chapter 128 Wisdom of Herophilus and Hippocrates

  • Christopher promptly left after taking care of those people. With the angered Brian on the case, Carl probably wouldn’t be able to escape at least a few years of jail time.
  • Moreover, it seemed like Brian wasn’t going to give Carl a peaceful time in prison either!
  • With that, Christopher hopped into his Ferrari with Samantha. “What should I wear to see your parents tomorrow, Chris?”
  • Samantha seemed to have forgotten about everything that happened earlier. She cupped her blushing face in her hands and occasionally looked down at her clothes. A few minutes later, she asked Christopher for his opinion in a slightly nervous manner.
  • “Just wear whatever you like. I think you’d look beautiful in anything, Sammy,” Christopher glanced at Samantha and replied with an amused chuckle.
  • “Don’t laugh at me! What should I do if your parents don’t like me?” Samantha stomped her feet and grumbled. Meanwhile, a worried look clouded her eyes.
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