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Chapter 127 It Depends on the Villain

  • Carl was stunned; he usually shared at least a half of the money from the fraud he committed with his uncle. He didn’t expect this uncle of his to be so unsparing and selfish—was he planning to burn the bridge after crossing it himself?
  • When he realized that, Carl looked unbelievably upset; a dark shadow washed over his face as well. “Uncle, you agreed to the prices on the menu whether you admit it or not. Whatever it is, you can’t deny it.”
  • Brian didn’t speak as he listened to their conversation quietly. Instead, his eyes darted coldly toward the director of Labor Security. In return, the director’s face twitched visibly; he looked like he could beat the deputy director to death.
  • “You two have plotted in secret and violated the law. As such, you have severely tipped the economical balance and disturbed the social equilibrium. You two are suspected of fraud and extortion, so save your words for the police,” the director said with a scoff.
  • Brian took a step forward as well. Then, he eyed both Carl and the deputy director before he said, “Your restaurant’s license will be revoked immediately. From now on, this restaurant will no longer be allowed to run, and you’ll be fined a total of 500,000!”
  • Both Carl and the deputy director collapsed to the ground after hearing the director and Brian. Their faces went white with shock, especially Carl’s—right now, he couldn’t be more regretful for his actions. If he were really to be charged with extortion, he could end up facing a few years of jail time.
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