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Chapter 124 Drive Me There!

  • At the police branch in the southwest region of Brentwood City, Christopher used a tea lid to move the freshly brewed tea leaves aside in the cup as he slowly blew on it.
  • “Deputy Director Hughes, are you saying that you want to purchase my Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup as well?”
  • Next to them was Jefferey, who merely stood beside Christopher in silence as he listened to the conversation between Christopher and Brian. At that moment, Peter was still trembling and lacked the courage to look at both Brian and Christopher.
  • “Yes, I bet you also understand that once men are in their middle age, it’s quite... Anyway, I heard from a friend that he had an excellent experience after having your soup. The effects are obvious and they did not bring any harm at all!”
  • With that, Brian nodded heavily just like how a chick would peck on grains on the ground. This time around, he was worried about displeasing Christopher. He was merely a deputy minister in this region, so he could not be compared to Noah, who was the director of the Department of Public Security. On top of that, Brian had a favor to ask of Christopher, so he figured it would be better for him to be more careful in their conversation.
  • “This tea is great!”
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