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Chapter 120 Give Me 5 Minutes!

  • As soon as everyone heard Joseph’s loud roar, they froze before they burst into a loud applause. They then yelled his name aloud as if they had lost their minds since almost everyone had heard his loud claim earlier.
  • Upon hearing Joseph’s arrogant words, Christopher thought in surprise, Oh, I didn’t know that this old man is so rich! F*ck! I should have asked for 200 million earlier!
  • However, a man needed to honor the promises that he had given. Since Christopher had already used the Professional Racer Experience Card, he would definitely reap its benefits multiple times, which was his working style. Immediately, he nodded with a wide grin on his face.
  • Both of them changed to two new cars. This time around, Joseph still had his hands on a better car. The specifications of Christopher’s vehicle were not as good as that of Joseph, but there were only minor differences. The current differences were around the same as compared to the one between his Ferrari and the Lamborghini earlier.
  • “Our racing arena has both straight and curved lanes this time around and we are going 5 laps.” Tightly grabbing his steering wheel, Joseph took a deep breath before he spoke to Christopher.
  • Christopher turned and mischievously smiled before he nodded. Then, he prepared himself for the battle.
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