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Chapter 119 100 Million

  • Vroom!
  • Because Christopher was unfamiliar with the terrain, Joseph overtook him in a whoosh as soon as the former started his Ferrari. After quickly surpassing him, Joseph even poked his head out the window to mock him.
  • At this instant, Christopher’s mind seemed to be instantaneously flooded with memories. A glimmer flickered in his eyes as he turned the steering wheel with his right hand while moving his feet at the same time.
  • The series of intricate movements made his Ferrari drift on the lane. In just a second, he immediately overtook Joseph.
  • “You scum! I bet you are just lucky!” Joseph’s expression suddenly changed. I can’t believe I’ve been overtaken in the lane. If this news is spread out, my reputation as the best car racer here will be damaged!
  • Hence, he did not lose his concentration. Even though they were making a turn at this moment, he slammed his foot on the accelerator. His current speed at the moment was already two thirds of the maximum speed a Lamborghini could handle—200km/h.
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