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Chapter 117 Professional Racer Experience Card

  • When Jefferey saw Serene returning with a bunch of people, it didn’t pique his interest. However, the moment he learned that one of them was Christopher, he immediately panicked and ran to the negotiation room to see for himself.
  • After ensuring that Christopher was the one who removed Jake from his duty, Jefferey panicked even more because he was now the chief of the police branch in the southwest region. If Christopher or Noah had other opinions about it, there was a chance that Jefferey would not be able to stay in his position any longer! I need to be careful with my position. I must remember Jake’s punishment and what Christopher did in my mind so that I can avoid any accidents!
  • With a nod of his head, Christopher furrowed his brows as he seemed to think of something. “Oh, by the way, what is that female officer’s name?”
  • Upon listening to his words, Jefferey couldn’t help but tremble. That damn Serene. Why did she have to offend him? She is now putting me in a difficult position.
  • As he gave an awkward smile, he carefully answered, “Her name is Serene Hayes. She is the captain of the police squad. She was recently promoted, so she doesn’t know that much yet. Please don’t hold any grudges against her!”
  • When Christopher heard Jefferey’s reply, he silently uttered her name before nodding. “It’s fine. I didn’t lose anything anyway, but you must remember to keep an eye on her. It’s wrong to arrest people for nothing!”
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