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Chapter 116 Serene Hayes

  • “B-Boss, I’ve already cleaned up the place. Please have a look.” While pinching his nose, Silver Phoenix returned to report to Christopher. Then, Silver Phoenix quickly threw his shirt into the trash bin.
  • Upon listening to him, Christopher immediately kicked him and growled, “Who the hell is your boss? Do I look like a thug? I’m a good citizen.”
  • However, Silver Phoenix didn’t dare to refute him as he was rendered speechless. You are certainly not a thug, but your actions are indeed worse than one.
  • After a closer look, Christopher found that the place Silver Phoenix had wiped was indeed rather clean, but it wasn’t the same for the surroundings of The Serenade, so he pulled Silver Phoenix over immediately. “Do you see that? The southeast and northwest of the restaurant are all dirty, so I want you to wipe all of it before you leave,” he uttered while pointing at the two directions.
  • As Silver Phoenix listened to the orders, his lips couldn’t help but twitch again. At the moment, he really regretted coming here. Why the f*ck did I come to swindle the wrong person? This is just great. My reputation will probably be ruined from now on.
  • Just like what Christopher did to him before, he ruthlessly kicked one of his men to vent his anger. Then, he grabbed a mop next to him and started to clean the spot that Christopher pointed at bit by bit...
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