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Chapter 114 Is My Knife Skill Qualified?

  • Lawrence and Scarlett stared at each other in shock as they continued to watch Christopher’s performance in detail without uttering a word.
  • Just like what Lawrence had done before, Christopher rapidly swung the knife midair to cut the cucumber. In just a few seconds, the cucumber was immediately sliced into dozens of pieces before it also formed a simple house when it landed.
  • While looking at the stable cucumber house, she was stunned. H-How was he able to imitate exactly all of Grandpa’s movements? Not only that, the end product is exactly the same as Grandpa’s. Even a chef with Legend Level knife skills will find it difficult to perform such an ability, but Christopher actually did it. After a few seconds of astonishment, she was instantly excited by what she had seen.
  • As Christopher glanced at the two identical cucumber houses, he revealed a faint smile, but in his heart, he was admiring the candy’s power. Oh my God! It really is a 100% Immediate Learning Candy! The two houses are exactly the same!
  • In less than 24 hours, Christopher would be able to carve the simple cucumber house or any other shapes at any moment because not only did the candy give him the ability to imitate, it also deeply imprinted the essence of the movement into the mind of the person who ate the candy so that he could perform it himself.
  • For the whole day, he could pat himself at the back and say that he was a chef with Legend Level knife skills.
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