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Chapter 112 Lawrence Sparks

  • Christopher soon returned to his senses. Something’s not right. The girl indeed looks pretty in this outfit and she has a stunning face as well, but why does it look a little familiar?
  • Since he was scrutinizing her, Stella lowered her head shyly before she suddenly reminded him of Chloe. Oh, my, isn’t she dressing in the same way as Chloe? Why is she imitating Chloe all of a sudden? There isn’t a need to do so even when she is going to meet her grandfather, right? He cast a strange gaze at Stella.
  • Upon seeing Christopher staring at her, she bowed her head even lower. Happiness glowed on her face and her body started to squirm a little in abashment.
  • However, due to her immense beauty, she would turn the heads of many, no matter what she did. He rubbed his nose and quickly changed out of the chef’s uniform before approaching her.
  • “Let’s go. Lead the way,” Christopher uttered. He couldn’t help but take a few more glances at her while inwardly complimenting her beauty.
  • Scarlett gave a shy smile and nervously stated, “My grandfather is arriving at Brentwood City today. I think that his flight will arrive at Brentwood City Airport an hour later, so...”
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