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Chapter 111 Did She Take the Wrong Medicine?

  • At that moment, Christopher was immediately shocked to the core by Chloe’s behavior and shot her a strange look. Does she have a boyfriend? Gosh, that’s a shame. It’s such a shame!
  • While he looked at her with a sudden look of regret, she suddenly realized something and her expression immediately changed. Then, she hurriedly shook her head. “Christopher, don’t misunderstand this. I-I don’t have a boyfriend. It’s just that Hilda’s dad...”
  • Upon hearing that, it finally dawned upon him and he responded with an understanding expression. He glanced at the young lady; she looked like a cold icicle and barely uttered more than a few sentences. However, he decided on the spot that for Chloe’s sake, he wouldn’t mind preparing a set for her friend free of charge. After all, Chloe has taken care of me twice consecutively. He was quite moved by Chloe’s actions.
  • “I’ll pay you one million dollars. I hope you can prepare me a set of Hundred Tonic Nourishing Soup. Thanks,” Hilda mentioned with a neutral tone before she lowered her head as if she was deep in her thoughts.
  • “For Chloe’s sake, I’ll do it for 500,000..” Christopher gave a slight smile. Since she’s willing to pay, then I’m not going to reject it. After all, it would be quite silly of me to say no to earning money. However, I’ll definitely give her some incentives for Chloe’s sake.
  • “Thanks, Christopher!” Chloe immediately rose to her full height as soon as she heard that and gave him a bow. She acted like his words had done her a huge favor.
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