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Chapter 110 A Dish to Improve That Aspect?

  • Upon hearing that, Christopher was not too surprised. However, concurrently organizing both sessions meant that not only the upper echelons knew about the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup, even the middle and lower class were made aware of it too.
  • Hehehehe! He couldn’t control the grin on his face. This is freaking awesome! If everyone in every class of the society knows about it, then the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup will definitely be able to quickly attract the attention of everyone. By then, my level of Thumbs-Up points... tsk, tsk...
  • As soon as Luna noticed his smile, her brows furrowed slightly. Then, she stared intently at him. “If we sell all of the Hundred Tonics Nourishing Soup via auction, surely we would be able to earn more money.” As a businessperson, her main goal was to obtain the most benefit from everything. Right now, his method obviously was not one which could bring the most benefit for them.
  • Christopher had already anticipated that she would ask this question. Evidently, he couldn’t reveal that he did so because he wished to earn more Thumbs-Up points. “Ms. Sears, every market has its own benefits. The middle and lower class populations are evidently larger in numbers and naturally would inadvertently help promote our business. It would obviously bring much more benefit for us.”
  • Luna heard his words, but she maintained her furrowed brows. She was quite an astute person and didn’t seem to be swayed by his words. However, she still nodded her head in the end. “What you said makes sense. Let’s continue doing it this way.”
  • Initially, Christopher was quite sure that he wouldn’t be able to change her mind. However, he noted that she had agreed, which was quite shocking to him. This career-oriented woman has such a side to her too! She actually agreed with my words! This is unexpected!
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