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Chapter 11 Conflict

  • “Truth Juice allows the consumer to only speak of the truth. Its effect lasts for 30 minutes. With pulps and fruit chunks, it is best consumed chilled.” Those words were printed on the alloy can as the introduction of the Truth Juice.
  • “They even threw in something funny. But why isn’t it something that gives you special skills of some sort?”
  • Reading the introduction of the product, Christopher couldn’t help but feel disappointed. The prize that he imagined was supposed to be on par with exclusive techniques like Dual Wielding. It’s still better than nothing. At least that was how he consoled himself as he bagged the Truth Juice.
  • Arriving at the station, he kept the juice well and put his phone into his pocket before alighting the public transport.
  • The single apartment that he rented was located among a number of low-rise buildings which made up a residential area. In this area, there were all sorts of people, most of whom were in a similar situation as Christopher’s; they were broke people who struggled to pay rent every single month. Simply put, those with a better financial condition wouldn’t be living in this area.
  • Christopher walked along the dimly lit path toward his hostel. At this moment, a cab stopped right in front of him before a girl in a white shirt and fitted jeans got out of it. Due to the poor lighting, he could not get a good look at the girl’s face. Nonetheless, he was able to determine from her features that she was a rare, gorgeous girl. Not to mention, her figure was not bad at all.
  • Not long after she alighted the cab, a man wearing a pair of golden-framed spectacles with his hair slicked back got out of the other side of the car in a hurry with a briefcase in his hand. He was wearing a suit and seemed like a handsome young man.
  • “Samantha! Wait!” Quickly pulling out a hundred dollar bill and passing it to the driver, the young man called out. At once, he strode to catch up with the girl without waiting to get his change.
  • “Why are you in such a rush?” Getting a hold of the girl’s elbow, the young man complained. “Are you trying to lose me? Let me remind you, nobody will be able to help you with your mom’s illness if you really do lose me. I suggest that you think twice.”
  • “No! I wasn’t!” Upon hearing that, the girl shook her head frantically before making a hand gesture to explain herself. “I’m not trying to lose you.”
  • “That better be true!” With a smile, the young man continued, “Samantha, you must keep in mind that you have to obey what I say if you want to cure your mom’s sickness. Otherwise, things may get ugly. Do you understand?”
  • “I understand!” Biting her plush lips, Samantha nodded as she admitted defeat.
  • “That’s more like it!” A victorious smile crept up on Sean Walker’s face.
  • “Samantha, do you live in a place like this?” Casually holding her by her shoulder, he took a glance at the surroundings before he added, “Isn’t the environment a little too bad? Is this place even habitable?”
  • Feeling his touch on her shoulder, she immediately shuddered. Despite wanting to escape from his arms, she did not budge as she thought of the consequences. Hence, she resolved to cower a little, trying to make herself sound as natural as possible as she spoke. “Yes. Due to my mother’s health issues, most of our money goes to medical services. Moreover, I have just graduated and I’m only interning, so my salary isn’t high either. As a result, we can only stay in a neighborhood like this.”
  • “This isn’t right.” Hearing what she said, Sean put on a chastising look. “You could have told me earlier that you’re having difficulties. Did you forget what our relationship is? You don’t have to be polite with me. On top of that, I have an uncle who works in real estate. It’s a piece of cake to find you a property. Don’t you think you’re treating me like I’m an outsider?”
  • After his dramatic response, she merely shook her head timidly. From his angle, he couldn’t see her facial expression. All he could hear was a soft ‘there’s no need for that’.
  • One would expect that Sean would insist after getting a refusal from Samantha. That would definitely show that he had class as a man. However, he didn’t dwell on the topic after she rejected him.
  • “Oh, and, where is your house?” Sean asked. “Should I pay your home a visit?”
  • “My home?” Upon hearing that, she jerked up her head in shock as panic flashed in her eyes.
  • “Don’t tell me that you don’t welcome me!” Making an upset face, he said in a low voice, “Samantha, I’m just going to tell you the same thing. You ought to listen to me if you want to get better treatment for your mother.”
  • Her face turned pale immediately. At the mention of her mother, her final line of defense within her heart crumbled down to ashes. Needless to say, she knew what Sean’s ulterior motive was after going to her house. However… The man before her held the key to curing her mother’s illness. What could she do even if she was unwilling?
  • Smiling bitterly, she nodded before she walked forward like a zombie, her eyes clouded.
  • Seeing that she had agreed, he was filled with joy at that instance. In order to make her succumb to himself, he had tried all sorts of methods—threats, consolations, lies, advice; you name it. After his multiple attempts and endless pestering for two weeks, she finally yielded. Thus, it gave him a sense of satisfaction.
  • Based on his judgement, this girl was young and inexperienced; in other words, she was gullible. He was in luck! He was excited to find out how this naive girl would react when he toyed with her as he pleased. It would definitely be very stunning! When the time came, he would be sure to capture it with his phone as a remembrance.
  • At this moment, Sean’s face was flushed as if he was drunk. Following closely behind Samantha, he bumped into Christopher who was walking toward them from the opposite direction.
  • The two men bumped into each other hard. Christopher didn’t budge an inch, but Sean staggered a little before falling to the ground.
  • “Watch where you’re going, dumb*ss!” In a split second, his joyous mood was ruined. Immediately, Sean stood back up before yelling, “Are you tired of living?!”
  • Actually, Christopher had already backtracked a few steps to avoid bumping into the incoming man. However, the other party still did not look out and walked right into him. Even though he was not at fault, he still apologized after a quick contemplation. “I’m sorry!”
  • “Sorry?” Taking a glance at Christopher, Sean did not hesitate to attack him as he deemed Christopher harmless from his simple outfit, his young age and his naive look. With a sneer, he said, “Do you think a ‘sorry’ will cut it? If apologies worked, why would we still need the police?!”
  • “You better take a good look at this! My suit is from Versace and it costs tens of thousands! The button fell off because of you! How can I wear this shirt again?!” As Sean roared, he brought up his wrist to show Christopher the cuff of his shirt.